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2020 Scorecard 5/10

December 20,2019

Jan 21st 2019 after a week in ICU, I finally uncovered the mysetery illness that left me without the use of my hands and legs — Actue inflammatory demyelinating polyneuropathy. Only for the quick thinking of a GP, neurologist and a few other good people, the outcome would have been different. My year started with a bang and it set the rhythm for what was to be a turbulent and incredibly tough year.

I won’t fill in the gaps, but it meant that my year was on the back foot and then I decided to go and set about running a conference, for ecommerce, in Tralee. 2 weeks out, my sponsor was not a sponsor and save for some scrambling, blind faith and vision, my situation would have been very different.

On October 2nd and 3rd we hosted the which turned out to be a success. Hard to put it into words still but almost 150 attendees and 34 speakers over the 2 days. I still have no real grasp on what was achieved, I haven’t been able to find the time to give it what it deserves. I intend to do that, it was far too important to not to. Tickets for 2020 are on sale now and ticking along. I am looking forward to getting my teeth into this more eyes wide open this year coming.

In such a fractured year, I mad so many bad decisions and let many people down for a multitude of reasons, none of them are acceptable. 2020 will need to be different, more controlled and office based. I have changed my approach to consultancy and will be sharing some partnerships I have been cultivating over the last few months.

This is an acknowledgement that I can do better and will do, that I learned more this year than I have in many years gone by. I want to hold myself to a higher standard and be a better partner to those I work along side and repay the huge faith shown to me this year. I spent 15 years building my career and network of friends from various industries.

I am exhausted, stressed and ending the year grateful for survival – that’s what this year has become being about. 2020 will be about growing and doing it in the right ways.

Some thank yous:

@Mauds – my singular source of strength

@Derek – for the ear, the advice and the patience

@Aoife Breen – volunteerism, belief and hard work – hope 2020 is very kind to you

@Colin Creagh – unwavering support, without question

@Una Dillon – consistently wonderful

@Chris Byrne – understated brilliance and great mentoring

@Emily Ross – energy, positivity and unbelievable drive

@Colin Lewis – broad shoulders

@Kevin Fox – keeping me on the straight and narrow

@Kev – that’s what brothers do

@Philip King – a rare gem and a BIG heart

@Aisling Foley – for not laughing !

@Joan Mulvihill and Michele Neylon – for caring

@Pat Carmody – getting the ball rolling

@Aoife O Brien – you get it !

Many more people contributed in a huge number of ways to different my survival and are too numerous to mention. I am sorry to those where I didn’t deliver my best. 2020 scorecard will be different. On that final note, I am adding my values for the 2020 summit – holding myself to a higher standard and a less stressful life:

Our Mission

As a group our mission is to share knowledge, experience and skills with businesses who want to grow in a digital era. Our aim is to develop and foster a spirit of shared values with all those that work for us and with us. Those values include:

Be inquisitive – ask questions
Share openly – learn it, share it
Generosity of time – This does not mean that we give up loads of time, rather we respect the time we get and we expect that in return
Recognition of humanity – With this simple recognition we can build real relationships which have value.
We believe in value not cost – Relationships should not be transactional by their nature
Inclusivity and Diversity – we have never needed a policy for this, as this is just how life should be. Inclusive and full of diversity. These are core ingredients in making the tapestry of life rich.
Work life harmony – always.

For all those that helped me survive and are still friends, I thank you sincerely