About Us

We are comprised of a group of professionals whose skills run across a number of key disciplines. Marketing strategy, paid social marketing, operational reviews, platform selection and campaign marketing creation. As individual consultants, we realised our clients all had the same problems. As individuals, it limits our ability to work across multiple projects and scale projects in the way that they should. Our process involves analysis and discovery resulting in positioning and a view of what is right for your business. The tools of ecommerce and digital should now be used as utilities to make business easier. That is where provide the insight and guidance. Our network is vast and our ability to position clients and tech is a key strength.

To make ecommerce and digital technologies accessible to all businesses.

As a group our mission is to share knowledge, experience and skills with businesses who want to grow in a digital era. Our aim is to develop and foster a spirit of shared values with all those that work for us and with us. Those values include:

Be inquisitive – ask questions

Share openly – learn it, share it

Generosity of time – This does not mean that we give up loads of time, rather we respect the time we get and we expect that in return

Recognition of humanity – With this simple recognition we can build real relationships which have value.

We believe in value not cost – Relationships should not be transactional by their nature

Inclusivity and Diversity – we have never needed a policy for this, as this is just how life should be. Inclusive and full of diversity. These are core ingredients in making the tapestry of life rich.

Work life harmony – always.