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November, 2016

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#D2C selling just got interesting. This could be for brands going direct what google was for search. The first difficult step of discovery is now more attainable than ever. Imagine not having to invest in a PIM. Imagine not having to have regular #ecommerce smarts. Imagine running your store, capturing the payment, getting a photo/video testimonial, the customer videoing receiving the good, in real time, sharing with their friends, who then purchase too, …

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eBay USED to be the most exciting marketplace, both as a buyer and a seller. Now it feels stagnant. The continued public focus on UX, has in my opinion, made them forget why buyers shop there. Value, discovery and discounts and the odd dispute. Amazon is taking over the role as the place to find discovery. eBay and it’s perception, seems to be back where it was in mid 2000’s. …

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This week I spoke at 2 very different events in Dublin (DMX Dublin — Marketing Conference) and Retail Without Borders (Global Marketplace Conference London) and I thought it good to share my 16 observations with you. 1. There is no “strategy” for ecommerce. Consideration needs to be given to a roadmap and adoption of technology, but there is no strategy. Highlighted in part by the acquisition strategies adopted by @Amazon @Walmart @ebay …

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