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March, 2019

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Irish consumers spent €3bn out of €5bn with online retailers overseas in 2017. Amazon Echo is a Trojan horse that threatens traditional retailers 2 articles from yesterdays news here in Ireland. The first is not new, this has been happening for at least 5 years and the rate of increase has not dramatically increased. The second is a nice soundbyte, but dips into where ecommerce is headed. Some …

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This week I spoke at 2 very different events in Dublin (DMX Dublin – Marketing Conference) and Retail Without Borders (Global Marketplace Conference London) and I thought it good to share my 16 observations with you. 1.      There is no “strategy” for ecommerce. Consideration needs to be given to a roadmap and adoption of technology, but there is no strategy. Highlighted in part by the acquisition strategies adopted by @Amazon @Walmart …

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I am often asked for simple tips to improve your ecommerce business so today I will start sharing some. Photography and videography are critical to conversion. Even more so as we move further into mobile and video. There are now affordable ways to use innovation vouchers and grants to good effect to get these services. I have always worked with Kevin Fox of @weshoot. He get’s where his work impacts …

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