2022 Vinny & Co eCommerce Mentoring

New Plan of Approach

I am looking to have a working group of up to 25 brands/retailers for a 10 month period up to the end of November this year. The group will be a working consulting group, meeting once a month (virtually 8 times - twice in person). The approach is to aggregate the information shared, knowledge gained and to provide a working network to you all to share stories, opinions and challenges. Groupthink when it comes to contracts for things like fulfillment, for example, will always work out well.

Commitment required

  • Half a day per month - costing €300 per month ( we will share 2 dates per month where the majority rules).
  • We will record and share all sessions and if people cannot make either, we will make a separate time available for up to 1 hour.
  • We will agree refunds on a per case basis, but will always be fair.
  • Cancellations will be accepted up to and on the day.
  • We cannot cover every scenario here, but you know me to be flexible.We can confirm dates at the end of each session to allow for diary co ordination.
  • Access granted to sales/analytics/email tools
  • Agreement to share data within the group (anonymised where sensitivities occur)
  • Testimonial - review Sign up to a newsletter - up to mails per week (tips/industry news/insights and reports)


  • Working with me and a small group of specialist consultants on a wide range of topics over the year.
  • Training on running your business and understanding ecommerce
  • Training materials Group Slack Channel for ongoing discussions -
  • 1-2-1 bookings can be made Weekly Q and A via Slack for " on the go" questions/problems
  • Quarterly review and recommendations on an individual basis.
  • The review will be a written review with the possibility for a 1-2-1 30 minute session to ask questions.

Getting work done

We will not be providing direct services ourselves for work to be done, but will, when asked, make recommendations to service providers. We do not receive commissions with partners, we always ask that this can be passed on as part of our relationships with various companies.

Join now

Below is a sign up form with some required info. Demand will determine the number of entrants we can take on. After you sumit your registration, we will confirm your spot within 48 hours. Closing date for registration is Jan 31st 12pm. We will be kicking off in early February and will send you your welcome pack with 3-4 days of your successful registration. If we are oversubscribed (he chuckles) we will run a second session. This year will be challenging and this is a great way to navigate your own journey and get support along the way.