Who Are We?

Vinny and Co is a collective of practicing ecommerce experts who operate across a number of key disciplines. We believe in the fundamentals of ecommerce and train and teach people with this in mind. We use those words “train” and “teach” very carefully. It benefits no one if we hang on to what we know. We see better results from brands that commit to the learning process and work with us along the journey.

2020 will be largely talked about as a defining year, but ecommerce principles were laid bare to us by Amazon in 1994.

Ecommerce Principles

  • Focus on the customer
  • Function over form
  • Define values, live by them
  • Innovate and test
  • Loyalty is service driven, not points driven

These are your starting pillars. We have built a number of strategic frameworks around these principles and through practice, we have refined them.

Why are we different?

Experience, openness and we are practitioners. We are all involved in the running of day to day eCommerce businesses. That means we are in the trenches too, spending our money carefully and making our decisions using the same rationale. 

We practice what we preach.


We have a number of listed partners on the site. We take zero commission from partners, we never have. Our policy has been to work with a carefully selected list of technologies and ensure they deliver for our clients and pass on any financial benefits to the client. This means we can be open in assessments, provide on the job feedback and define real strategic partners.