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Focused "on the job learning" with Vinny&Co's 4-week, short burst small group courses. Each module contains courses featuring limited places, access to exclusive content from expert teachers, live Q&As, and personalised feedback on your assignments.

Make Real Progress

Accelerate your learning with live Q&As, project deep-dives, curated lessons, and expert guidance.

Receive Personalized Feedback

Build on constructive notes on each of your project assignments.

Upskill On The Go

Access our modules, community and live calls all in one platform.

Connect With Fellow Creatives

Learn, collaborate, and network with tools like a shared course communication channel.

Your Teacher

Vinny O'Brien is more than just an eCommerce trainer – he’s been in the trenches growing businesses for a LONG time. His career spans almost two decades and features clients like Superdry, PepsiCo, Calvin Klein Golf, and Crua Outdoors. His agency has worked with 100's of retailers across Ireland and the UK. He's the Director of Brand and eCommerce in Crua Outdoors, the Worlds first Insulated tent DTC brand. He has been a lecturer, trainer and mentor for more than 10 years. As if that weren’t enough, Vinny set up the eCommerce Summit in Kerry, Ireland in 2019, bringing companies like Facebook, Edge by Ascential and Klarna to the Southwest of Ireland for a 2-day learning conference. More recently, in his “downtime” he took a role as CTO in Tranquillity Rings, a mindfulness jewellery brand based in London. He sleeps, we are told.
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What to Expect

Your Level

This course is aimed at people who have been building their eCommerce competencies over the last few years. The course is aimed to deliver contextual advice, guidance and best practice.

Your Supplies

Time, access to zoom/hangouts/google drive.

Your Small Group

In this group, you will learn from your peers too. Key to the success of this will be a focused and shared community. Build valuable collaborations and share problems.

Your Live Q&A Sessions

Meet live with Vinny and your cohort (recordings will be provided for all sessions):

  • Thurs, Jun 9th 3:00 PM - 4:00 PM (GMT)
  • Thurs, Jun 16th 3:00 PM - 4:00 PM (GMT)
  • Thurs, Jun 23rd 3:00 PM - 4:00 PM (GMT)
  • Thurs, Jun 30th 3:00 PM - 4:00 PM (GMT)

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Why this approach

  1. 01

    Learning is hard

    Classroom-based sessions are outdated and lacking in context. We need to be able to put ideas and concepts into action. Tech and marketing have converged to make it easier for us to turn concepts into actions and plans. Doing this in real-time and in real work hours brings focus and application.

  2. 02


    At a time when everything is rising, and knowledge is expensive, we wanted to remove cost barriers for people and make knowledge accessible.

  3. 03

    Invest in you and your team

    Talent is hard to come by. New talent is even more so. Now is the time to invest in yourself and your talent today. Create an environment where on the job learning is the norm. Encourage risk as a tool for success and continuous improvement as a reliever of stress. This is one key pillar in our control.

  4. 04

    There for keeps

    Each module is banked and stored for you and your team to use when and how you want. Our classroom is distraction-free and does not have the clutter and distraction of portals like Youtube. You can dip in and out when you need to and ask questions within a trusted environment.

“There are few shortcuts in any endeavour but including Vinny's expertise will quickly navigate your eCommerce project to success. Outstanding..”

Chris Byrne.


What You'll Accomplish

  • Understand how to develop and build your tone of voice for consistent marketing communications.

  • Translate operational excellence in marketing hooks for your brand - foster loyalty.

  • Design from the outside in. Start with what - not why.

  • Receive feedback and support not just from Vinny but from a whole community of like-minded creatives.

Brand Positioning - Tone of Voice - eCommerce - with Vinny O'Brien

6th June - 1st July, 2022


Limited places available!

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Things to Know

Cancellation Policy

Vinny&Co offers a full refund for your Course purchase up to five days before your course begins. After that point, we cannot offer a refund for your purchase.

Participant Requirements

Anyone can participate in a our Courses! All you need is access to Zoom, and a strong internet connection to participate in live sessions and watch Vinny&Co content.