Vinny & Co for Marketplaces

Understand How to work with Marketplaces

Vinny & Co's marketplace service support team streamlines catalogue listing, product optimisation, and order management, giving you the time and data flexibility to expand your ecommerce business. For Q1 and Q2 2022, we will be supporting clients on the Shopify platform only. We will be expanding the service to other platforms throughout the year.

Meeting buyers where they are is only part of the equation...

Over 50% of consumers start their product research on marketplaces, so reaching 200+ million potential customers via marketplaces sounds amazing.

However, creating high-performing product listings to convert these potential customers is a huge challenge.

Is this something you’ve experienced? That’s because selling on marketplaces isn’t as simple as it sounds. In fact, marketplaces selling is not for everytone.

We know that manual processes, unreliable data synchronisation, and limited integration capabilities prevent many retailers/brands from listing products on a single channel, let alone multiple marketplaces with varying degrees of difficulty.

It takes time and knowledge to understand and provide the best process for listing your data. Luckily, we know how.

Why Us? We have over 15 years experience across 100's of marketplaces. We have the scars to prove it! Let our mistakes guide you.

Marketplace expansion

Gain more exposure for your products on numerous price comparison websites, affiliates, or marketplaces +2,500 worldwide...

Catalog and product optimisation

Each marketplace asks for data in a different way. Our team of specialists prepare your data so you dont need to do anything...

All orders in one place.

Save valuable time by letting the direct API connections synchronize all your orders back to you own online shop...

A multichannel order management solution

Vinny & Co for Marketplaces

At Vinny & Co we offer a managed technical solution that automates catalogue listing for Shopify clients. We also provide product optimisation, and order management for 100's of channels including Amazon & eBay.

Our solution combines powerful technology with a team of support specialists. This allows us to create a full-service feed management experience for sellers.

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What do Vinny & Co provide for my business?

Experienced marketplace specialists

Product optimisation & catalogue listing

Data protection & error reporting

Centralised management of your orders