What We Aim to Stand For

Vinny Here!

As a movie fan, I loved Jerry Maguire. Not just because Tom Cruise is the greatest living movie star, but the concept, a sports agent. I did my research and was going to attend American College Dublin to do sports management and become the next big thing. Bearing in mind when I was 14, I wanted to be a chef. Needless to say, I did neither. But the mission statement, the idea of the “heart on the sleeve moment” was quite impactful to me. At that point, I was the goldfish….

Logo list

At that point, I was the goldfish….

My other realisation that vision alone could be enough to bring someone on a journey. A vision without results can sometimes be just a dream. But it gave me that founding principle.

Have a vision.

We are not perfect and we do not have all of the answers. We have a series of frameworks and a way of thinking which allows us to process information quickly and diagnose problems, make recommendations and see things through.

We like to do long term things with long term people.

We aim to get better. Being imperfect means we are on a constant feedback loop.

Opinions matter.

We like well formed and articulate points of view. Conversation and storytelling is a really great skill and one that is slightly at risk, we want to keep that art alive.

Have fun!

This might seem obvious, but life is there to be lived. We do not expect emails at midnight or 6am. We do our work with honesty, integrity and that means no matter what we should be able to enjoy it along the way.