About Us

Launched in 2017, Salesfire was developed to replicate the experience of an in-store sales assistant, online. From intelligently recommended products, to AI-assisted site search - Salesfire underpins every touchpoint in your customer journey to create a seamlessly personalised experience and increase your conversion rate. 

The Salesfire system empowers retailers to create, deploy and manage a range of solutions designed to optimise conversion rates, re-engage lapsed customers and provide a genuinely relevant, visitor experience.

From Fashion to Homeware, over 1,500 users trust Salesfire with ensuring they’re providing a personalised on-site experience, to over 4 million customers a day.



Case Study

Woodhouse Clothing has been importing the most sought after designer menswear brands from across the globe for over 40 years. The company prides itself on
its commitment to excellence and creating a hassle-free experience for customers. From establishing its first store on Oxford Street to breaking new ground in the premium online menswear shopping experience, Woodhouse Clothing aims to bring a personal touch back to the world of retail.

Implementing Search by Salesfire

Woodhouse Clothing integrated Search by Salesfire to increase conversion rates by inspiring purchases and delivering users to the checkout page. Since shoppers who interact with a search bar are more likely to convert, Search by Salesfire’s animated placeholder text attracted the attention of customers and influenced search queries to replicate the experience of an in-store sales assistant online. By encouraging customers to explore and interact with Woodhouse’s products, Search by Salesfire increased the likelihood of a conversion and influenced 26% of the company’s orders. Woodhouse also wanted to encourage shoppers to add products to their carts with confidence. Placing Search Promotion units within search results allowed Woodhouse to push its buy now pay later option and free delivery offer. By providing the nudge customers needed to commit to a purchase, Search by Salesfire influenced an overall conversion uplift of 35.18%.