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About Us



Sensorpro email marketing works with platforms that run your business.
Such as Shopify & tools that connect them, like Zapier.

Made in the EU, Sensorpro has no monthly contracts. The Pay as you go
pricing means you only pay to send.

With email on the rise, inbox deliverability can be challenging for
the busy marketer. The deliverability tools ensure your message makes
it to the only place that matters.

Sensorpro goes beyond the email send. Like RFM to know when your
customer is ready to buy.  And marketing automation like welcome
series or web-hooks to connect your apps.



West Kerry Artist Jenny McCarthy exemplifies Shopify success with
Sensorpro. After migrating from a Wordpress+WooCommerce site to
Shopify, sales improved right away.
"Shopify feels like a real store. And with the Sensorpro app,
subscribers get automatic welcome emails, it's so easy"