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Grocery retailers need to increase their efforts in supporting the plethora of new age food brands entering the scene. It is not enough to put them on shelf, set a rate of sale, and say see you at range review time. The world of the food producer is fraught with difficulty and challenge. Having worked with a dozen or more in the last 12 months, I can honestly say that …

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The update to Instagram may just be a game changer. Please forgive my use of the expression. Now before you decide I am not worth reading for use of that expression, consider the video, then read on. I firmly believe if we look at this latest evolution by Instagram in it’s broadest sense, then, we can see just how far reaching this can be. Game changer is much maligned and …

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#D2C selling just got interesting. This could be for brands going direct what google was for search. The first difficult step of discovery is now more attainable than ever. Imagine not having to invest in a PIM. Imagine not having to have regular #ecommerce smarts. Imagine running your store, capturing the payment, getting a photo/video testimonial, the customer videoing receiving the good, in real time, sharing with their friends, who then purchase too, …

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