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Amazon has the key to unlocking ecommerce in Ireland - at scale

#ecommerce Why is Amazon in the news in Ireland?

Attached is the why, courtesy of our partner Aidan Duffy - a report put together for Brian Moore of KamCity

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Amazon WILL support chilled delivery - A huge opportunity. And there are geographic challenges Amazon are going to solve in Ireland, herein lies their opportunity to absolutely own market share. These notes from the Amazon invitation to sell: ROI (Republic of Ireland) is a significant opportunity. We are investing in faster (1 day delivery) for our customers. So that your inventory is closer to customers in Ireland and therefore delivered faster. If your inventory is available in SNN4, customers will see faster delivery times on the Amazon website which will lead to better conversion rates. Aidan moves on -

Amazon will change the way we shop The DC can hold millions of items without incurring Brexit or customs charges and it already has over 1m customers - its penetration can double within 18 months (in my opinion). Where is the opportunity for Irish sellers - currently that 1M customer base is being served by less than 500 sellers in Ireland. This number is tiny - the opportunity for them to lead in terms of market share is huge. Why? Amazon will be giving listing priority based on postcode and proximity. UK sellers outnumber Irish sellers by greater than 10 - 1. It is not easy, but it is an opportunity greater than direct sales only. We have wasted 15 years in this country and I would be comfortable betting that our micro ecosystem will be a model for Amazon into the future. It has leveraged the problems we had in terms of ecommerce and removed barriers to entry. With the suite of products the Amazon ecosystem is rolling out, ads, physical attribution etc, there is no doubt its impact here will be far greater than we imagine. Ireland then can be the conduit for US retailers looking to gain a footprint into the EU - that is how we should leverage this and vice versa. As they say, this is Day 1. What are you going to do - thank you Aidan, this is top class. #amazon #retail #ukretail #brexit #strategy #brandstrategy #omnichannel #multichannel


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