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eCommerce Everywhere - From trends to shifts

eCommerce will become passive. People free check outs. In home devices. Retail media networks pretty much everywhere - in TV AR advertising - the list in endless. These are not just trends, this is a genuine look into our future.

#ecommerce My inbox is full of "trends" for 2022. #survival for me is the name of the game. When I see these trends I do like paying attention to see is something differerent happening. Let me try and break this down for you.

There are trends for sure:

Ads are more expensive

New channels open each day

Lack of trained staff members is becoming a bottleneck

Personalisation is key - it's not !!

The rise of social shopping - hmmm

These are trends but then there are shifts and this is what I am looking at. To explain this we have to look at high traffic, multi territory utility companies. #utility is the key word here and main point of difference.

Utility is the reason we keep an app on our phone and our phone in our pocket. They are embedded in our daily lives. Similarly from a work perspective, this is where we focus our strategic long term eye. When payment platforms - once banks - now media platforms such as Klarna launch as a media platform, we must pay attention. That is not to say we jump into it straight away - we contextualise it. Why? One areas that keeps rearing its head is Retail Media - I contributed to the playbook written by the ever articulate @Colin Lewis

Colin writes - First, Microsoft is to allow advertisers place ads inside free-to-play Xbox games. Now, Netflix is saying they are open to advertising. Where is this all going to?

Amazon Advertising just did $31bn revenues in 2021.

Walmart's Retail Media business, Walmart Connect did $1bn in advertising in 2021 - and has big plans. Walmart Connect sells ads on more than 170,000 screens — including televisions and self-checkout kiosk screens — located inside more than 4,500 U.S. stores. Not to mention Target, Kroger etc in the US, or Tesco/Dunnhumby, Boots, Sainsburys, Ocado in the UK.

Can anything that has traffic be turned into a media platform?

Answer - probably.

Bring into the fold here gamning and esports - not oft talked about but let me come back to that.

Retail Media will be a headache we need to content with. Colin has broken this down into bitesize chunks. 5 months of work into this, so brands and retailers will be able to shape their retail media strategies.

Sign up to get full access - get it here:

Included is a special 7 Point Plan for Retailers to create their own Retail Media Network within the playbook.

Here are the contents

1. Definition of Retail Media

2. Drivers of Retail Media

3. Retail Media in Action - Examples

4. The Retail Media Landscape

5. The Retail Media Behemoth: Amazon Advertising

6. A Sample Retail Media Pitch: Macy’s

7. The Role of Media Agencies in Retail Media

8. Challenges of Retail Media

9. Retailers: A 7 Point Plan to Create your Retail Media Network

10. Brands: Creating Your Approach to Retail Media

11. Retail Media Case Study

12. What’s next for Retail Media?

Its 80 pages long - so there is something in here for everyone!



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