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The importance of video and imagery in eCommerce

I am often asked for simple tips to improve your ecommerce business so today I will start sharing some. Photography and videography are critical to conversion. Even more so as we move further into mobile and video. There are now affordable ways to use innovation vouchers and grants to good effect to get these services.

I have always worked with Kevin Fox of @weshoot. He get’s where his work impacts conversion.

His subject matter expertise is incredible.

When at Arnotts, he worked in the roof of our building in Dublin, shooting Christmas box sets for our beauty counter a. 7 years on, he still works as a partner to the business. I have worked with him recently on all of our videography for @Thermo tents ltd and the quality is there to be seen. His creds list is brilliant: Arnotts, Lifestyle Sports, Baby Elegance, Remus Uomo, Lennon Courtney and Douglas & Grahame amongst others.

His understanding of the needs and budgets of companies big or small. He has climbed mountains, got into the Atlantic ocean in, done all night shoots with me and I have learned an enormous amount. Fast-growing companies such as Gymshark invest in the things that people want to see – footage and imagery. They know their customer and know how to present themselves.

As a consultant, it is people like Kevin and his team who make my life easier and provide the greater depth to my capability. I recommend anyone looking at their own business considering it,

to give him a shout or me either! Check out his work here.


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